Fletcher Hotel Doorwerth

Fletcher Hotel Doorwerth

The 4 star Fletcher Hotel in Doorwerth offers you a warm and peaceful welcome. On an estate of 10 hectares, it is the ideal environment in nature to come to rest.


  • swimming pool
  • meeting rooms
  • Beautifull nature
  • hiking trails in the area
  • a city centre within a 15-minute ride

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Review Hotel Restaurant Fletcher

Walking from the bus stop through the woods of Doorwerth, the hotel slowly becomes visible. The big entrance tries to hide from sight behind a high hedge.

First impression
The grandeur of the entrance continues on inside. As soon as you walk in, to the right there is a cozy open bar / café in front of a restaurant in a round conservatory all overlooking the hotel gardens with adjacent forests.

The staff is professional but could be friendlier, probably due to a slightly too high work pressure. The guests do not act like the richest; children run from the pool to the restaurant looking for their parents.

The room on the 2nd floor that I got assigned had a view of the parking lot, but the woods across the road gave me the feeling of peace that I was looking for.
The interior was clearly from the 70’s but was well maintained, only the system ceiling really detracts from the appearance.
The bathroom had clearly undergone a renovation sometime in recent years, reflected in the shower and the tap being at different positions. This betrayed the bath that had previously been there.

ingang fletcher hotel
Entrance fletcher hotel

For dinner I had a pre-booked combo deal in which the appetizer, main course and dessert were offered for a fixed price. The whole menu was arranged for this deal, most dishes had an equivalent price, for some dishes a small additional fee was required.
Unfortunately, the staff was just little too absent. Luckily I had a spot on the side of the room where the noise of the room did not exceed my table conversation. The quality of the food was good, a good deal for the price.

Peace and comfort
The night in Doorwerth was wonderfully quiet, even with the window open you noticed little of the main road that was a few hundred meters further. The beds were wonderfully long and I could rest my full height, unique for my almost 2 meters.

entree fletcher hotel
Reception fletcher hotel

For the morning I had breakfast delivered by room service, for a small fee of 5 euros. The night before, I could check on a short list what I wanted. I was well served, just a little ahead of time.

Together with many others, I had to exit the building before 11 o’clock. All in all, I was satisfied with the price quality of this stay. Overall the ideal stay for a few days in nature.