Hevea trail

Hevea trail

In Dutch: Hevearoute

Short description
A wonderful short walk of an hour through the forests of Doorwerth.
The route first leads you through the Westerbouwing forest, then down to Heveadorp and back up the other side of the small valley into the Duno estate. You pass the spot where country house Duno stood through the old Azelealaan, once the entrance to the Duno estate. You walk through the Hunnenschans, witnesses of the first signs of inhabitation of Doorwerth.
In several places you can enjoy beautiful views over the flood plains and the river.

Length: 4.5 kilometers
Setting: Forest
Roads: Forest paths, vowels and asphalt
Starting point: Westerbouwing
Parking: Free at the Westerbouwing

From the Westerbouwing follow the poles with the signs “Hevearoute”.

Voorbeeld van routewijzering
Example of route signage

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Photo impression of the Hevea trail

wandelen op de westerbouwing - routepaaltjes
the trail through the woods of Westerbouwing
Laatste stenen van Landhuis Duno
The last stones of the Duno landhouse
Ingang van Landgoed Duno - azelealaan
Old entrance of Estate Duno – azelealaan
Hunnenschans op landgoed Duno
Hunnenschans on estate Duno
Uitzicht vanaf de oude locatie van landhuis Duno
View from the old location of landhouse Duno
uitzicht vanaf duno
View from Duno